Starting Affiliate Businesses with little or No Money


Here is a Step By Step Guide, that I use, to Make Money with my Affiliate Businesses.......Follow these Steps and you'll be on your way to Success..

  1. Bookmark this page for Quick Reference!
  2. Get yourself a notebook. In that notebook is where you'll need to keep all your records and notes. Such as login details of all the different accounts you set up.
  3. Start joining the Affiliate programs. You can find a list on the "Affiliate Programs" page, at the top of this page. Go there and click on them, and start joining...
  4. Now that you have joined them, Pick a Product to promote. It's easier to join a program you know something about. It will make all the next steps easier. Otherwise you'll need to do some research on the subject, so you'll know what your talking about.
  5. Got a good Product? Good, Go to Google Keyword tool, and find out what people are searching when they are looking for your product. Bookmark this page because you will be going back to it from time to time. Name your Blog or website that keyword that is available.
  6. For a free Website click Here....... Recommended!
  7. For a Free Blog Click Here
  8. Start writing some fresh content on your new site about your product. Maybe why you think it will help them. Place a link on each of your posts directing them to your product. Go to Ezine articles and get some good articles to place on your website. Maybe some you tube videos. Add google adsence to your pages, to help you make more money. Be sure when you post other peoples articles you follow their guide lines. You can use articles just as long as you leave all the links and the author who wrote it on there. You can't change it in any way.
  9. Go and create a Squidoo Lens. Remember the keywords you chose and use these here as well. You can basically do the same thing here as you did in the last step. Except now you will not only put a link directing to your product but to your website. When creating your link to your website, be sure you use the name that people click on, not the full web address. This is known as your Anchor Text. Click Here and watch this video for a clear example of what I mean. Actually this basic step by step method is what we are trying to accomplish here. So refer to it as frequent as you like....Memorize it!!!!! Click Here
  10. Create a Hub Page, following the same steps as you did in the last step, Except now put a link to your site, alink to squidoo lens and a link or to to your affiliate product itself. Again, by watching this video a couple of times, you will begin to get a clearer picture of what it is we're trying to achieve. Always use your chosen keywords, and use those words to link to your sites and lens. Click Here to make your hub page...
  11. Go To google profiles and create a profile. Put your web address and your anchor text here as well. That video will show you exactlly how to do this. Click Here for google profile.
  12. For me, this is the hardest part. Writing Articles. I just don't like doing it. Although I do write some of my own occasionally, I usually outsource this part of the equation. I have used a few different services, but for the best bang for your Buck is Spin Distribute. They not only write a high quality Keyword rich article, They distribute the article to the directories for you, and they guarantee back links to your site. Back links are Key, to good rankings. Remember, good rankings=More Customers. When I do decide to write my own articles, I always use Article Pool, to distribute the article to 500 directories, Dirt Cheap. Trust me, once you try and distribute your article to some of the directories manually, you will be using these services as well. It only took me my first article, and I started outsourcing. However you decide, this is the most important step of them all. You could skip just about everything else, and this one method alone, will increase your traffic. 
  13. Write at least 5 articles for distribution. Try and distribute 2 or 3 the first week and the remainder the following week. Be sure to name the article what ever the highest keywords are in your niche. That way if someone enters that keyword in the search box, your article, if it is unique, will probably be in the search results. Mine are. Remember not to put any of your links in the article body. Put all your keywords....Anchor text... in the Author Bio section. If you still need help doing these things, I will be putting a help box on the site soon, where I can personally help someone one on one. Until then, feel free to leave your questions in the Forum section on the Home Page.
  14. A list of article directories will be coming soon. Couple days. You have enough to keep you busy for now.
  15. Spin Distribute click Here
  16. Article Pool click Here
  17. Run some Free ads on Inetgiant. You can also submit your new website to the search engines free here as well. Just click on the banner Below, and you'll be in business.
  18. Go to Quantcast and find out Who your customers are. This is a pretty cool tool. This helps when you run an ad on Facebook, or Myspace. They let you choose who sees your ad. You get to pic, who clicks. Awesome !
  19.  WannaTake all this to the next level??  Get your own mailing list. People opt in and then you will be able to offer them your products through email campaigns, On Auto pilot. For the Best Service on the web click Here .
  20. Creating a list of opt in email customers is what will sky rocket your conversion rates. And definitely take all of this to the Next Level. Up there with the Big Dogs.......................................................................................................
  21. For some Guidance,  Look for Videos that may help you through the process.  If you need help and you can't Find it, Leave a comment below, I will assist you any way I can.
  22. If these steps seem like there to hard to comprehend, and will take up more time than you can invest, then you may want to go to my "TURBO CHARGE" Page.
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